Mercedes Benz E350 Reliability

September 20, 2019
Picture of 2007 Mercedes-Benz

Hy i have a mercedes benz e 350 at 2008 year i like my car put i have a probleme with the intake manifold flip . what can i do tu repaire it withot tu change the intake manifold cause it so expensive ?

This is an awesome car that I was very pleased with when I bought it. Added the iPod cable and a Bluetooth pod to the car and it works very well. However, the CD Changer. I expected more from Mercedes-Benz on this one. So, a CD is stuck in the Changer and when I took it to the dealer to have it removed, they said the ONLY option was to purchase a new CD Changer for $ 995.00. I was kind of shocked. So, now I have this beautiful Mercedes who's trade in value just rocketed downwards... how can I trade this car with a broken CD Changer... I will try a 3rd party who knows this stuff to see what happens. thanks for reading...

Bought this 2011 E350 last month. 42k miles. She's a beaut. I have owned Merc diesels in the past and was looking for a Bluetec, but settled on the V6 4Matic. I love this car's looks, everything about it. I've missed having a Mercedes for a number of years. I owned an 'E' class in the early 80's that was a 4Matic and almost bankrupted me for that very reason. This go round, I purchased an extended warranty up to 100k miles. The Comand mouse knob had to be replaced under warranty. That's about the only thing I could find wrong. Someone stripped the car of the owner's manual (I'm sure it's on EBay now) and the first aid kit. You know what a car is worth when there's an EBay demand for the owner's manual. At any rate, this car gets a lot of compliments and I love it.

Purchased 2006 E350 with 55K miles in 2009. Loved the ride and the handling. Great car for my sales job. At 110K miles in 2011, car began to shimmy on a cold start. In later weeks, the car would shake violently on start up. Was told that it was a "balance shaft rotor", a small part about the size of a lipstick case deep inside the engine. Apparently for 2006 and other similar years this part was made of a softer metal. It would warp over time and cause the out-of-balance shaking to where the car was undriveable. Had 3 estimates from $5500 to $7000 to remedy. Bit the bullet and had it repaired by a buddy in Cleveland for $4500 who shot this video of the project Great car, but emotionally taxing repair. Good luck.

So far I am very pleased with my 2011E350. When I step on the gas hard my neck snaps back and every car in my rear view mirror disappears. The sound system rocks. I wish it would have come with leather interior though. It's in the shop now for what I suspect is a failed gateway module. To be contd.

Bought car brand new in 2005. Have the same issue as others with Engine Check light due to balance shaft gear wear, requiring pulling the engine and replacing the balance shaft - at a cost of about $5500.

I love my has a great ride, appearance, is reliable and comfortable. For the past few weeks, it has had an unusual problem. I drive to shop or do errands. After returning to the car (apx 20 minutes), I start the engine and it immediately turns off. A second try is necessary to get going. The dealership has no idea why this happens and their service manager and service technician have witnessed the problem...but somehow they can't reproduce it and don't know how to fix it. I am open to helpful suggestions.

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